A Situational Comedy

My life is a situational Comedy –  I just miss most of the jokes.

Do you laugh?  At yourself?  At others?   At the antics and conflicts and difficulties that transpire in the course of your life?

I used to years ago.  Then I got too serious because the opinion of others was forced to hold more weight than that of my very own.

Life has been very difficult and challenging since the day I allowed that to happen.  Although I had my ups, and a good number of downs, prior to that, I still made time to laugh at myself, time to make others laugh about the issues I got myself into.  It was either laugh or cry, and I wanted to be happy.

The last 18 years have seen a complete shift in my attitude.  I took on the serious attitude of a (now ex) spouse.  Life sucked to be frank.  There were many good parts but laughter was not part of it.  Joy was not involved.  My actions were judged as to good or bad daily and whether they held up to his ‘Christian’ ideal.

The ideal or opinion I held of myself was of no value.  And that value was greatly diminished over the course of years.  My opinion on anything that disagreed with his was obliterated, crushed and removed from our life.    Laughter was gone.  Joy dismissed and happiness crushed.

After 18 years of soul crushing defeat, I now have the opportunity to grow again.  I am planting seeds of joy, happiness, laughter and abundance in a fertile soil of my own choosing.

For some reason, I have an affinity toward sunflowers.  The color and size and beauty and symbolism of the flower is amazing.

My spring is here and my smiles are blooming slowly.  New growth on this plant is showing with a vibrant healthy color.  I look forward to seeing the full bloom with the seeds of more joy, hope and happiness fall, flow and spread to others, and with others.

I am brushing away the conflict, its not worth losing my smiles.

I am sweeping away the dust of years past.  I like a clean house.

I am cleaning out the drawers that hold the clutter gathered over the years.  That stuff is useless and will never be used again.

I am replacing the photos on the walls to remind me of the happy person I was and am again.

So much life left in me to waste it being defeated and sad and crushed by the criteria of others and the sad attitudes they live life by.  Not me, not anymore. I have turned the corner.

If someone is not willing to plant themselves next to you, in fertile soil of joy, and bloom beside you, allow them to mosey on their way to where they want to be and continue to grow in joy and abundance, putting your face toward the sunshine enjoying every moment of beauty that you see and bestow upon the world.

I am thrilled to see me bloom.  But even more so, the seeds that I produce in my lifetime will continue to produce joy and happiness and abundance and wonder in the world around.

Be your own situational comedy.  Laugh about life.  Enjoy the show.  Don’t worry that you don’t get all the jokes.

If your life has become more of a drama and no longer fun to watch, it may be time to make a change, spice it up, and begin living again.  If that ideal is ringing through your ears, click the link below to begin a new life journey, teaching you a new way of being, earning, and living life on your terms.  A New Journey/A New Life/A New Abundance


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  1. Thank you for your kind comment. I have experienced a great deal in this life and hope others can benefit from my wisdom. Hope to have many more blogs with amazing insight coming soon. -W

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