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Wendy Kelley

Survivor, Entrepreneur


Hold onto your hat, this story may be as long as I am old, but the journey is worth the read, as you may find yourself in my words!

I was born in the same town as my father in SW Missouri.  My family moved to California for a better life with more opportunities when I was 2.  I had two older sisters at the time.  My little sister and brother were born in Los Angeles County and looked like the milkman.  My father worked for Foremost Foods delivering milk in those days.  My father retired from that company and in the process taught me so much about life, perseverance, dedication and working with others.

I graduated from high school and went to work beginning in odd jobs as most teens do.  But I worked hard at doing the best I could at what I was hired to do and always seemed to find work.  I found my talents in the office environments where organization and management was a specialty.  Pay raises and promotions came.

At 24 years old, after exploratory surgery and biopsies, I was informed that I could never have children.  I married only a few months later.  We worked hard, enjoyed life, traveled and purchased and sold homes.  We lived in the mountain region in the northern portion of Los Angeles county.  Daily commutes to work were nearly an hour.  My last home was my forever home – my haven from the world.  Peaceful and inviting.  Only a few years later, my husband received a transfer to upstate New York and in 1991, I was transported with 5 animals 3,000 miles away from everything I knew and loved.  Finally selling our home a year later, he told me to quit my job, as we no longer needed the money.   I was totally blindsided when he took all our savings, assets and possessions and ran off with his assistant – finding later this was planned in advance of leaving California.

Left with nothing, my parents asked me to come to Missouri, where they had retired only a few years prior.  Employers in the area were not interested in paying for a hard worker.  I was frustrated each time I denied minimum wage, being told “that’s OK, someone else will take it.”

I had my real estate license and served cocktails until my commissions based business got off the ground.  Serving cocktails and dancing with the older gents was a highlight in my life!

I flew back to NY to finalize my divorce and kept an annual exam where I was informed I was pregnant.  The doctor was quite surprised knowing my medical background and told me to ‘consider it a blessing’ – and I did.  After all the years wanting a child, but denying myself that option, I could not believe it was real until I heard her cry for the very first time.  Her name is Grace – meaning God’s blessing.

Late 1995 while my father was bailing my brother from jail, yet again, I met a bail bonds man who offered me work.  Instead of working with him, he trained me in legalese, introduced me to courthouse personnel and gave me my first legal client contact for service of process.  Being hungry for more consistent income and security for my small family, I took off running with this new information.  I built my new business quickly, being known for getting the job done!  Word spread and clientele increased.  I worked 6 days a week and 12 hours a day in both real estate and legal process.  My daughter worked with me everyday until I felt her eating chicken nuggets each meal was not a good idea.  My mother began keeping her part-time.  We traveled and enjoyed life immensely together.

I remarried in 2000 and had two more children.  The marriage was a definite turning point in my life and a struggle from day 2.   Daily emotional abuse began to take its toll.  He would threaten that if I divorced him he would take my children.  I never believed marriage had an option in the contract, and I stuck it out.  My spouse refused to financially provide for his family and did not pay a bill.  He worked, but supporting the family was solely on my shoulders.   After 13 years, I demanded he pay a bill and help out.  Within 30 days, he filed for divorce and took everything in the process.  Including my precious children.

A restraining order was granted against him from the continuous onslaught of verbal abuse, accusations and visits to my property.  The emotional turmoil and devastation had me reeling and spiraling downhill.   The judge's final order gave all my property, my finances and my precious children to my ex.  The court system was definitely blinded or bought.   And he is keeping me in court consistently without relenting.

This process took my pride AND my productivity.  My income severely diminished and tens of thousands of dollars were going to legal representation.  I felt I no longer had a reason to go on.  My children had been my reason for living and he refused me access to them and took away visitation consistently.

I was alone and starting over.  Again.  My days were spent wishing things were different, that business would pick up and finances would improve.   But I knew one thing - that I had lost everything once before and overcame, creating a new enjoyable life with my daughter - AND I COULD DO IT AGAIN!

Retirement was approaching quickly.   After being wiped out twice, funds set aside for the future no longer existed.  Debt I incurred for survival was mounting.  I had to find a way to replenish, or recreate, my retirement hopes and dreams.

During this time, I found a website much like this one.  The computer was an evil necessity, not a potential full time income-producing machine!  I signed up to receive the 7 day video series to learn about digital marketing.  I read EVERYTHING in print and watched/listened to EVERYTHING in the videos.   The opportunity it offered gave me hope, an inspiration to push forward, and a new skill to learn that I knew nothing about!

A New Adventure.

This process has taught me more than just building a digital marketing business.  It has transformed me.  I have grown as a person, parent, entrepreneur;  and overcame the limiting beliefs that had become a part of me and halted my ability to move forward in life.   I am forever different.  I am improving.  I am courageous.  I am strong.  I am confident.  I am ready willing and able to accomplish all I intend to do.

I have healed from the inside out.  It's your turn now.

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My mission is to help others envision true potential from within, and by example, share the wonders of a digital lifestyle with others.  I am building a business that can be operated by computer anywhere in the world.   I have the time and money freedom to live the life I choose.  FREEDOM, Let it Ring!


Freedom is the strongest desire of the human race.  To give others the opportunity to design a digital business lifestyle that allow them true freedoms in life, is the vision that I hold dear.


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