I have had a breakthrough.

I want to be proud of my work, my accomplishments, my talents, my artistic abilities, and so much more.

Hell, I want to be proud of getting up in the morning at this point.

Over the years my ‘religion’ has instilled in me a great aversion to Pride and its corresponding characteristics, claiming it ‘ungodly’ – the antithesis of humility.

My choices were “Pride and Self-Will,”  OR  “the Word of God!”  They told us “Pride and Wickedness go hand in hand.”

The elders of the church I attended, continuously preached that the overwhelming masses of unconverted people, are the ‘children of pride’ – not submissive to God.  They quote ‘our hearts are desperately wicked’ and that demon companions to pride are deceit, hatred, anger, self-centeredness, competition, critical tongue, lust, gossip.  Also claiming these anti-God habits of thinking and conduct, hinder us from fulfilling our responsibility to submit.

Hell, this defines the majority of most of the preachers at the pulpit!  I know many so-called Christians accusingly wagging their fingers at us while representing most of these characteristics at the same time!

Struggling between being a good Christian and building a business for profit to enjoy the abundance it provides, has been INSANITY.  I have deemed it a task not feasible within the definitions that ‘religion’ sets forth.

This dilemma has been squeezing my heart, my motives, my drive, and my business(es) for quite some time.  And I am now ready to let the guilt go.

I now question their motives, and their supposed infallibility in their suppositions.

God did not want us to be poor!  Jesus stated that he came so that we would have life and life more abundantly.  Everything on earth was given to man to use and enjoy.

Religion’s Definition of Pride:   to be lifted up; to have an undue sense of one’s importance or superiority.

Dictionary’s Definition of Pride (Bing):   1.  a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.  2.  consciousness of one’s own dignity.  3.  a group of lions forming a social unit.

Well, I would say that we have been given slop and force-fed.  The differences between the two are staggering.  The reason for the discrepancy is CONTROL.

If religion did not reinforce their definition, we would not feel the necessity of ‘fulfilling our responsibility to submit.’  In the confines of religious definition, control is taken away from the individual to make decisions for themselves and instead places massive amounts of guilt upon one to conform.

God gave us the honor of making decisions for ourselves.

Within the confines of decency and kindness and honesty, we CAN have everything we want in life.

What are you waiting for?

Give up the guilt.    More forward.    Enjoy life.

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