My Own Cinderella Story

Sometimes I feel like Cinderella.  But no gown, no ball to attend, and no prince waiting for me.

I have been collateral damage for my ugly sisters and their nasty comments, accusations and actions my entire life.

I have dreamed of good relations with them.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to take my broom and mop and move along to the next household.  Sometimes, an uphill fighting battle is best left to those who enjoy the fighting.

We all have our own Cinerella or Cinderfella stories and lives.  But the questions is:  What are we going to do with them?  What are we singing about?  What are we wishing for?  What is it that our fairy godmother or godfather can bring to us that will make US happy?

Peace is a big one for me.  After leaving the chronic family ugliness in my rearview mirror, I have found peace. 

Contentment.  I have found contentment with the things that I have, and eager for more going forward.  I have been so blessed to have LIFE, and I appreciate it each day.  I work to enjoy the minutes and hours that I take in the breath of life.

My Cinderella story isn’t unusual.  There may be more twists and turns in your own novel life, and I refuse to list the myriad of events in my own.  They will only bring about more of the same should I do so.

But suffice it to say, my sisters have their own Cinderella stories that will differ greatly from mine and yours.  We all seem to fall victim to our own lives.  That is a sad state of affairs, and could likely be the problem to begin with.

I used to put up with so much, like the original Cinderella, without comment, just did as I was told.   That does not make me a victim, but it does not make for a LIFE!

Cinderella cried and wished for more.  To her advantage, she ENVISIONED a merciful fairy godmother who came to her rescue and gave her the COURAGE to defy the instructions of her sisters and step-mother.  She went to the ball in a beautiful dress.   It was even more than she imagined.  She met a handsome prince.

And she CREATED her own timeline – the dream ended at midnight, right on schedule.

Cinderella continued to BELIEVE.  And as luck would have it, her prince came to find HER.  And the story says they lived happily ever after.

Well, they did not continue with the story where they had daughters of their own who began the entire routine all over again.  SSDD  Same Shit Different Day. 

The point is, we have options.  We have Choices. We have Dreams of our very own. We CREATE our lives.  Our lives don’t create us.

But are we willing to defy the instructions and wishes of others who think they know what is best for US?

The choice is YOURS.  What is best for YOU?  What is it YOU want in life?

As Cinderella did, continue to DREAM and sing about it.  Get the birds, mice and other animals involved in your vivid dreams of life.

But most of all, make that DECISION!  And move forward! 

You will have a time limit you have set for yourself, where at the stroke of midnight you will go back to your old rags, but the dream will still be alive WITHIN YOU !!!

Continue to reach for it, believe in it and move forward out of your victim life mentality. 

Realize that those who do not dream and desire more for themselves, are the real victims in life.

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And write your OWN Cinderella story !

Sincerely, Cinderella 2.0 

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