Pitiful or Powerful

Pitiful or Powerful

You can be pitiful or powerful.  But you can’t be both!

I have been pitiful far too long.  I can blame it on my circumstances in life but that would only be defeating the purpose of the lesson.  Besides, it is likely that my choices and decisions placed me in those positions in the first place!

It is high time we take responsibility for our actions!  And more so, refuse to take responsibility for the actions and decisions of another human being.  Let them make complete messes of their own lives!  They don’t need your permission.  Nor do you need to add to your own burdens.

Haven’t you had enough?

I know I have!  I have given away my power just a few too many times…….  I appeared pitiful because I did not have control over my own life!  And that made me VERY unhappy.  I wasn’t much of an inspiring example to my children at that point in my life, either.

Like many of you, I really did not see that I had given away control of my life to another person.

Until we acknowledge that fact, we cannot change it!

In many ways, it may be the hardest thing you will ever endeavor to accomplish.  But it will be the most rewarding experience in your life.  It produces freedom.  Freedom is what every human being wants.

Freedom to choose.  Freedom to dream and desire.  Freedom to act.  Freedom to BE.

To be who YOU are, not the person others are expecting you to be.  That hasn’t benefitted you, it benefitted THEM.  Take back control and feel free again.  When you do, you WILL make others angry, so just expect that.  They can no longer control you to manipulate life to their whims.  And that is a good thing

I may appear hard-nosed to some, but I no longer care.  My life, My choices, My decisions.  My messes.

We must stop believing the crap others say about us.  Ask yourself what YOU believe about yourself?  It should say you are special and you were made with a Purpose!

You may not yet know what that purpose is, but that is because you are living your life based on what others think-want-believe-say-desire and do!  When you take control back and begin appreciating even the smallest joys in your life, you become closer to your purpose.

Step out and Dare to be Different!  Different is good – and fun.

When we no longer care what others are thinking, or doing, or wanting, or trying to figure out what they want from you – and you then doing it, life somehow becomes much more attractive.  It sings.  The butterflies come out in full color.  Inspiration is engaged.  Creativity becomes a habit.

We CREATE our lives.  Our lives did not create us.

I DARE TO BE DIFFERENT (and I have succeeded in that endeavor)  Some don’t seem to care for my differences.  But I no longer give a hoot because this is MY life, not theirs.

What kind of life will you create?  Mine is colorful, beautiful, creative, inspiring, happy, spiritual and full.  People unhappy with my choices have fallen by the wayside.  Clearly, I was no longer living life by their standards.  My life is richer with those who want to embrace my uniqueness,  those who give me the freedom to do so, and those who appreciate being able to do the same.

All because I no longer gave a damn.

Smile with me today, and every day of you life!


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