Sh*tstorms of Ugliness

Once upon a time, I was sweet and innocent.  Then sh*t happened.

Do we ever get used to Sh*tstorms of Ugliness?  Are we intended to ride it out, overcome it, or just get used to them?

I have decided to spin a POSITIVE side to them.  I look good in brown, and I intend to wear blue jeans and pearls to enhance the look.

Let’s be honest, we have all had our own Sh*tstorms of Ugliness.  They appear to be ever-present and at times even feel omnipotent.  Yours might come in the form of a thunderstorm or a hurricane.  It might be described as a dust devil or small whirlwind – just enough to piss you off – they quickly come in and go away.   Maybe it’s a tornado or tidal wave, or as great as a tsunami.  If yours is a tsunami, the waves may continue to roll sh*t over you longer than desired. However, the waves will subside.

undefinedLet’s define ugliness:  anger, insults, spitefulness, unfairness, accusations, hatred, viciousness, antagonism, bitterness, nasty, yelling, arguments, berating, putting you down, self-righteousness, being unkind, disrespect.  Just plain meanness.

You will have found by now that we cannot control the actions and intentions of other human beings.  If you attempt to look into the hearts of these individuals shoveling it out, you will likely find a frightened and scared soul who has learned that dishing it out is far better than being buried under it.  They have not learned how to handle their fears.

FEAR …  False Expectations Appearing Real    or    Forget Everything And Run

When you hide your fear, your fear consumes you.  When you face your fear, you overcome it.  Face Everything And Rise

Face your fears, destroy your limits.  Learn to Dance.

Everyone has sh*t to throw around. It deflects their need to look at the sh*t piling up in their own life.  They want to share….  How sweet.

It’s during your worst storms that you will get to see the true colors of the people who are in your life.  Sometimes you just have to accept that some people are sh*tty humans and stop trying to see the good that isn’t there.

Enjoy the weather pattern as best you can.  It won’t last forever.   Each one has a lifespan.  If you can enjoy the tough times, the good times will be that much better.

Dance in it. 

You will receive interesting reactions when you do ……. To say the least.

  • They might say you look good in brown and they like your pearls.
  • You could shock the rest of the sh*t out of them.  They will have nothing left to dump on you.
  • They will stop throwing sh*t your way.  It was not their intention for you to enjoy it so much.

“If you can’t dance in the rain with me, you will never be with me in the storm.  And if you aren’t in the storm with me, I don’t need you in the sunshine either.” author unknown

So, wear your finest brown ensemble, pull on your boots and jump right in!  Do your very best to find the POSITIVE side of each Sh*tstorm of Ugliness.  You may even learn how to dance within one.

If this resonates with you or someone you relate to, share this post with them and learn how to dance together.

SMILE WITH ME TODAY and every day of your life.


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