Thankful for What I Have Lost

Thankful for What I Have LOST

Most individuals are making lists this season for all they are thankful for having.  I for one, am thankful for what I have LOST.
  • I have lost a 195# life-sucking tumor that I thought shared my life but whose only intention was to use and throw me away.
  • I am thankful for the ‘church’ congregation that was lost.  I was kind, generous, giving, helpful, loving and nurtured a group of people I cared for.  When I needed kindness, help, love and nurturing, no one was available.
  • I am thankful for losing the doctrine of that ‘church’ for the real doctrine of God, Life, and Spirituality
  • I am thankful for the loss of the dreams and goals of others that I was supposed to support without having any of my own.
  • I am thankful for losing the Requirement to serve and not be served.
  • I am thankful for the loss of the idea that I am not worthy of being loved.
  • I am thankful for losing the constant voice telling me that no one would love me or work with me or enjoy me.
  • I have lost and set aside the insecurities projected upon me for the strength and resilience of the real person that I am.
  • I am thankful for losing my former self, as I have gained a new empowered, spiritual, happy self.


  • I am thankful to have lost my health for I have found ways to be healthy and regain my vitality.
  • I am so very thankful for losing the daily ritual of being yelled at, insulted, accused, criticized and berated.
  • I am thankful the effects of being called ‘psychotic’ and ‘weird’ have gone and I have embraced my OWN kind of ‘crazy’ and my OWN unique personality.
  • I am thankful for losing the ‘eggshell relationship’ where I was conditioned to behave in a way that was meant to keep my partner from becoming angry.
  • I am thankful for losing the instability in my life and understanding how damaging it was.
  • I am thankful for losing the house that I lived in with my family.  There is a difference between a house you survive in and a home you thrive in.
  • I have lost the need to know my destiny and my gifts for this life, and quietly arrange my thoughts to be ready to move forward when that knowledge is given to me.

Although I am thankful for all I have in this life, this year I am most thankful for all I have lost.  But most of all….

I have lost the phrase “why me?”  I now scream ‘why NOT me!”

If this resonates with you or someone you relate to, share this post with family and friends and create your OWN list of things you are thankful for losing in your life.

SMILE WITH ME TODAY and every day of your life.


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