The SECRET – it’s UpsideDown, Folks

Being happy is a quest that all of us are striving for day in and day out.  We attempt to bring in happy events, items and people to our lives that will bring that happiness to us personally.

Have you noticed that most of us are still depressed and wondering if this is all there is?

I do, I did.

My revelation came to me in pictures and words, tugging at my heart.  I was forced to decipher them on my own.  When I did, reality came rushing forth and I had to tell the world.  Some may already know this but I am pretty confident that most of you do not.

We have it back-asswards, folks!

In the movie theatre, you will see a white screen in which the movie is projected upon.  It must be white for the colors to absorb and reflect.  If it were a black screen, you would not see color or life coming from the screen.

In the stage theatre, you will see the backdrops in black and the curtains in a dark color, usually red (for glamour).  This is so they won’t be distracting to the audience, as a light colored curtain will pick up other colors, and would distract the audience from the performance.   If a scene is desired, a white backdrop is placed and the picture is projected to it from back or front.

undefinedThe color black has all colors already within it.  That is what makes it black.  The color white has none.

The color white is able to absorb, express and reflect back all the beauty and colors sent to it, and remains white when those influencers are gone.  Even shadows only lite upon it but do not permanently darken its color.

The color black has all the colors within it already.  It maintains them. All the colors remain a part of the color black.  When beauty and color are sent to it, they cannot be expressed or reflected by it.  Black absorbs them instead.  Black cannot express back any beauty or life that is bestowed upon it.

Again, we have it back-asswards and upside-down.

Instead of struggling to find and pull good things into our lives, the secret is to remove the negatives out of our lives!!

It’s no wonder we describe someone’s heart as being ‘black’ or an evil person as ‘black hearted.’  And a depressed person being ‘blue.’  Wow, realizing how close the color blue is to black should frighten some people into cheering up!  And the Bible talks about letting our light shine!  It is probably trying to convey the idea of removing all the negatives (black) in our lives and the white backdrop we were born with will begin to brighten!  WE will begin to brighten!


I have been dubbed the hard-ass, sissy-bitch, crazy aunt, and mother.   This is not for the faint of heart!  It is simple but it is NOT easy!   But it works.

Over the years, I had been taking on, and taking care of, everyone else’s problems.  The problems of others somehow became mine to shoulder, to solve.   I helped all I could.  Some I could not.  I was a good Christian.  Until I wasn’t.

I was depressed with no one to turn to as I already had their problems to handle.   I quit life.  Felt like I had died of being a friend, mother, daughter, sister.  Staying in bed was much more enjoyable than going out into the world which was not enjoyable to me anymore.

After months of soul searching, I began facing my fears.  The fear of rejection is my biggest.  Most had already walked away from me because I could no longer offer them help, and the rest were already upset with me for not fixing their problems.  So, what did I have to lose?

To list a few of the things accomplished:

-I began by removing the negatives from my life.  People, things, events.   And attitudes that were attached to other people.

-I stopped allowing others to speak negatively around me.  I would attempt to change the subject, walk away, or tell them the subject is not comfortable to me, let’s move on.   If they wanted to say bad things about me behind my back, I no longer cared.  They were bringing the negative into THEIR life, not mine!

-I stopped going places that made me uncomfortable and instead found places that made me happy to be in, with people who brought beauty, life and laughter with them.

-I don’t watch the news, it is too depressing.   We have enough of that in our lives already.  Don’t add to it!   I do listen to the radio news in the car but when something is said that makes me feel constricted in any way, I shut it off.  It is not worth spiraling back into that black hole again.

-I don’t argue a point with anyone, anymore.  We each decide for ourselves what we want, believe and do in life.

-I find what is in my life already that I am truly thankful for and appreciate them, no matter how small.  And I build upon those each day.  It is a pleasurable habit to acquire.

-I stopped attempting to control the behaviors and actions of others, or control situations to acquire the outcomes I desired.  This removed a great deal of negatives within myself AND the negative it created in others around me.

I now feel free, that I am a white screen that can absorb beauty and color, express it and then reflect that beauty back into the world.  Shadows are ever present but they do not have the ability to color my screen anymore.  They visit and leave to darken the life of another unsuspecting soul.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.  The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” – Plato

The Secret is back-asswards, upside-down and inside-out.  And you may even feel this way when you begin working on the solution to solve it for yourself.   You may insist that it is something you can’t possibly do – people are relying on you.    In the words of Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If this article resonates with you, share it with others.  Locate more life situations that reflect the black and white hypothesis.  Find common ground and begin your journey out of the ‘hole’ of despair and darkness.

If you want to learn more about how I began my journey, click here.

SMILE WITH ME TODAY, and every day of your life.


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